Intangible Assets

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Today, from my latest issue of Economist I read about “intangible assets.” According to the article, the term is applied to designs, softwares, patents and even branding.

You see, it basically points to all “idea-based things,” not physical products. What I mean is the ideas that give birth to their physical items. As the non-material innovation keeps generating, its value keeps going up. The innateness of “intangible assets” is the propensity to grow and expand.

I am not an economist and quite honestly, very far from being one. Then, how is the concept useful here? There is a connection- considering everything is connected in this world, either directly or indirectly. Now, let’s stretch the definition a little… if we think of ourselves as asset-holders of “intangible assets,” the amount of success we can achieve in life is infinitely greater than we think.  

Ok, maybe I should be more clear:

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When I said, everything is connected, I don’t mean phenomenologically. It is a conclusion I have come to with life experience.

After reading that article, I realize all the things that make us improve as individuals or a collectively are “intangible.” In other words, they are not material things, for example, a set of moral values, a point of view on social structure, knowledge we gain from books and life experience, etc. 

This is idea of taking ownership and control of our own “intangible assets” is important to remember in times of discouragement or failure. If we keep reminding ourselves that we hold all the resources necessary to make changes and be better, virtually nothing is impossible achieve. It is harder to practice than said, of course.

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Learning to see how things are related and connected can help realize your potential

On the other hand, you could also try buying new things to feel better. But, I can guarantee you this good-feeling won’t last. Instead, you’d feel insatiable and are liable to make additional purchases on impulse (not reason).

My advice is instead of contributing to wardrobe expansion, let’s focus inwardly on the qualifications that truly define us and do something with them. For instance, gather your great ideas to start a new project; climb an extra set of stairs while jogging to build more endurance; start keeping a journal and turn it into a memoir when you are ready to look back.

There are endless ways to explore our own “intangible assets,” so let’s get to work. Next time, let’s compare notes see what we managed to get done, comment or contact me.

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      1. You are welcome. When I land on something like this, again, I will certain write about it soon. Have a nice day!


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