Fake Lashes Vs. Extensions?

Fake eyelash vs. eyelash extensions
Peggy Moffitt showing off her unique signature look

I’ve recently given into the temptation and got eyelash extensions. Before this, I had always thought it’s for “high-maintenance ladies.” Although, I did envy those who have longer lashes, but I had no idea those were artificially extended (until a friend confessed.) This article may be useful for first-timers, who are considering to give it a go.

In the past, I chose to wear fake lashes to evening parties, because it’s easy to switch back to my natural ones. Though, I did like the instant transformation to a theatrical look, but found it took a long time to apply (it requires a steady hand.) Now, after I found an experienced technician who does fabulous extensions, let me tell you some of my likes and dislikes.

I use to wear fake lashes, but found it took a long time to apply. Now, I have an experienced technician who does fabulous works. Here are cons and pros.
Romy Schneider in an unfinished film by Henri-Georges Clouzot

Lash-extensions can feel like your real lashes, when it’s applied by a certified and diligent technician. Currently, I am wearing 80 per eye, but you can do as less as 40 or as much as 120 (there are even 200 per eye clients.) It goes without saying, the more you wear, the more dramatic it’d make your eyes look. My personal opinion is that, if you are heading for a fashion photo-shoot, go for as much as you like. But if for everyday, wearing that much can come off as “show-girlish.” Not that there is anything wrong with that, as long as you are comfortable and your work place allows it. Go for it!

Fake lashes require a steady hand for application, like I said earlier. With practice, one can get better at it. What I always had trouble with is the amount of glue I squeeze onto the sets. Rest assured, it all dries up invisibly, just don’t glue your eyes shut accidentally.

The flexibility of being able to take them off at night is a plus. No matter how clean you keep your eyes and how good your sleeping posture may be, at some point, you will feel like rubbing away an itch. If this happens, you can just take off the false ones. With extensions, individual ones will come off piece by piece (hopefully not all at once,) but you can avoiding touching your eyes no matter what happens, then they should last you up to three weeks.

I use to wear fake lashes, but found it took a long time to apply. Now, I have an experienced technician who does fabulous works. Here are cons and pros.
Jean Shirmpton, another famous 60s fashion model

As for sensitive eyes but still want extensions, if you find the right place, there should be the option of glue for sensitive eyes. At the start, by getting a smaller set rather than a full 120, and when you notice an allergic reaction they can remove them quicker than if you had more.

When it comes to choosing a natural versus a synthetic material, I always go for the natural ones. They tend to flutter a little lighter than the synthetic ones.

All in all, these are some of the things to consider when you are a beginner and never wore extensions before (like me, before this.) If you just want fake ones to try out for looks, click here.

As for getting extensions, I am based in NYC. If you would like to know where I got mine, please contact me or comment below, will be happy to tell you. Good luck!

Fake eyelash vs. lash extensions

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