5 Movies that defined fashion

Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

Fashion recycles old looks from decades ago, but continues to update them in new ways. It always turns out looking like the most contemporary things you’d ever seen.

Here are the top 5 movies that have defined fashion (my picks) and remained as the sources of many contemporary designers’ inspirations.

#5- How to Steal A Million (1966)

In this one, Audrey Hepburn cuddles up with Peter O’Tool for a romantic comedy about stealing a “priceless” piece of art. The twist in the movie is that the object is actually a fake produced by the father of Hepburn’s character. While O’Tool’s character masks as the detective on the mission of exposing a forger, but her character wants to steal it back from the art museum before her father gets caught.

All of her outfits were designed by Givenchy, who provided wardrobes for Hepburn in many other movies, as well as some her off-duty ones.

Click here to rent the movie.


#4- Possession (1981)

This is a crazy horror movie with Isabelle Adjani playing the main role of a young woman whose soul gradually succumbs to the devil’s possession. Adjani’s wardrobe in this movie is simple, consists of different pieces of blue maxi dresses that reaches just below her knees. The most beautiful part is how her famous blue eyes reflects the light from the dress that complements the grey interior. The dress as pictured looks like something that APC makes now.

Click here to see the movie.


#3- Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (1982) 

I first saw this movie about 10 years ago. Before this, I was convinced that only the Brits were cool enough to carry off a punk-look. In this one, Diane Lang and Laura Dern (both were teenagers then and this, I believe was their first movie, before both went on to become huge stars) form a punk-rock band and went on tour with the boys. It being a boys’s scene, the “Fabulous Stains,” their bands wins over the audience, leaving the boys looking like a bunch of lousy losers.

The girls’ red lipstick and their bleached blond hair is still copied by girls and young women today.  Lang’s sexy leotard has become the staple stage look that Madonna and later Beyoncé continue to mimic.

For my leotards suggestions, go here.

Click here to rent the movie.



#2- Barbarella (1968)

In this science-fiction flick based on a French comic book, Jane Fonda as the sexy heroin from the future steals every  scene of the movie. Her character Barbarella saves the earth and humans in seductive outfits, that alone can kill off any villain in her way (of course, she also has other secret strategies.)

Notice the transparent plastic top she is sporting in this photograph. This style is seen in Calvin Klein ‘s line in the past season, so has Comme des Garçons made similar versions in seasons before CK.

Click here to rent the movie.



#1- The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

Thomas Crown Affair steals the crown. Honestly, it’s so hard to decide whether Jane Fonda or Faye Dunaway should be no. 1. Both are equally stylish, not just then but even now. But let’s stick with our theme and go by the fashion in the movie. As a clever detective, Faye Dunaway seduces the millionaire bank-robber played by Steve McQueen, and he in turn seduces her. There is a famous scene in which Dunaway arrives in his house wearing this back-less pink dress. With her clever moves, she wins the game of chess while a “distressed” McQueen is intoxicated by his opponent’s beauty.

This dress looks very similar to one that I own by Kate Moss in her second line for Topshop. The dress has a haltered top, that turns into a full skirt from the waist down. Wearing this dress is one of the few times makes me thankful for my not-so-full bust department.

Click here to rent or buy the movie.

Here you have it. These are my picks. Please let me know yours, and I will mention them in my next post.





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