How To Manage Stress In New Year 2018

Romy Schneider in L'Enfer (1964)
Romy Schneider in his unfinished 1964, L’Enfer by Henri-Georges Clouzot; Image courtesy: Google

It’s almost 2018, but there is still so much unfinished business from 2017. How you wish the beginning of a new year means you could literally leave everything behind. If just laughing at your problems like Romy Schneider (see above) and sticking your tongue out at them does’t work, then …

Don’t panic! Not yet, least, because I have some advice to share.

Women looking worried

1. Treat it not as a complete new start, but the beginning of doing everything a little better than before.

Taking on this attitude would ease some of your anxieties about having to finish or continue your work from the year before. Meanwhile, start with the new attitude to improve your performance.

2. Make sure your new year’s goal is realistic and one that’d last almost the entire year. 

For example, don’t buy into commercials advising how to lose all the weight you’ve gained from last year instantly to become a new person. This is not realistic. Think about how much time it took you to get to this point, if this didn’t happen over night, chances are it won’t go away tomorrow. Instead, make a plan to change your daily diet gradually and track your progress until you reach your goal.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors (1998)
Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors (1998)

3. Don’t panic if the new year didn’t start off as smoothly as planned. There is still time to start over again (that is, if you must make those changes at the beginning of a new year.) Know that the “new year” you just celebrated here goes by the Western calendar, it isn’t the only calendar in the world. What do I mean? For example, in the West we live by solar calendar, thus Jan. 1st is when it starts. Whereas, if going by lunar calendar, in China for example, the 2018 New Year begins on Feb. 16. So you see? There is still time to “re-make” that resolution. Just don’t squander too much time, once you make a promise, stick to it (at least the second time, if you must.)

Please do comment or contact me, if you’d like more explanation or maybe you have other good ideas. I will post them and mention you in my next post. 

Meanwhile, if learning about how to stop from procrastinating would help, then hear me out.

Kate Moss looking happy and festive; Photo: Juergen Teller
Kate Moss looking happy and festive; Photo: Juergen Teller

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