Let’s get dressed for winter

Image courtesy: vogue.co.uk

What to wear in bitter-cold winter days? Should we wear layers because it is known to prevent from freezing to death, but we don’t want to walk around looking like the kid in A Christmas Story, or do we?

The poor kid is being dressed by his mother, from A Christmas Story (1982)

Before I start, please rest assured, I am not sponsored by the brands mentioned here. These are my personal favorites.

OK, here it goes. If it’s been snowing a day or two and the streets are piled with dirty snow, now we must adapt to wearing Sorel water-proof boots. They keep our feet from getting cold and wet. In them, I never worry about slipping or stepping into a deep puddle that looks like solid ground from afar. This sort of mirage does happen in winter, and stop laughing at me.

The problem with winter boots, well, they make us look clumsy, shuffling about in heavy strides like Frankenstein’s monster.

Now, how should we balance off some of that weightiness?

I have these and like them a lot; image courtesy Sorel website

I’ve come up with a few ways to keep warm effectively without looking like a stereotype of lumberjack. For example, by pairing with a coat that has a boxy-fit or a puffer jacket, finishing off with a pair of skinny leggings or trousers makes a flattery silhouette. This way, the volume of those boots echo the top portion, and the skinny bottom half shows off your slender side.

Off-White makes a fabulous silver puffer that is 50% off right now. This brand is founded by Virgil Abloh in 2014. He is also the art / creative director of Kanye West. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Off-White puffer; image courtesy Net-a-Porter

Now hats. If you are blessed with a beautifully shaped face, it’s easy. Depending on your style, a woolen beanie rounds off the face. Whereas, a fur head-band (choose faux fur to protect animal life, please) adds a bit of volume to the top portion of the head that tends to slim down a round-shaped face. Don’t believe me? Try a few on for yourself.

Image courtesy Zara website

Zara has a faux fur head-band with decorations of rhinestones and pearls, that’s just divine. It’s on sale for just $9.99. If you prefer a beanie hat instead, J.Crew makes a very cute one with a fluffy pom-pom.

Here you have it! Just a few simple suggestions for dressing up warmly on freezing days. Go out and enjoy winter!

Image courtesy J.Crew website


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