#MeToo As a Socio-political Movement

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In recent news, the letting go of men from their powerful positions due to sexual harassment charges has prompted women nation-wide to speak out against men who behave badly and unprofessionally at work. These revelations surprised people, but a majority of them, all in all, were not surprised at such rampant perverseness.

The use of hashtag- #MeToo has helped women speaking out against sexual harassment. But is its message going to become tepid once the media frenzy is over? And how should we prevent it? 

In this article, I’d like to share some of my thoughts on this question.

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The actions taken as the result of #MeToo need to be reinforced, and companies need to enforce penalty and punishing the offenders as their victims come forth. Immediately and in near future, companies need to realize by holding onto those men in high-power, they are actually losing resource and talent.

Although, it may seem that these male high-power decision makers are propelling productivity, but as their victims increase, of the women co-workers that also contribute substantially are leaving and finding work elsewhere. In the long term, companies are diminishing power and weakening daily profit. 

It is not enough to hear just those women who have come forth with their stories, but more importantly to emphasize how extensive damage could is done by just a few destructive men. Among the stories that have recently been disclosed, many women say they have been victimized by the same men. If this is not stressed, just showing the volumes and numbers of women who felt victim, may cause others to think if something is happening on a grand-scale then the stories must have been fabricated and exaggerated, or worse, allow some men to think that it is so commonplace, they might just be the one to get away without penalty.

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In order to make it a social-change movement with a lasting impacting, it requires majority support, not only just women and victims. Men at work places also need to intervene if they witness unacceptable behaviors taking place. In its current and nascent stage,  #MeToo’s impact has not yet become a social norm. Meaning, it has not become a widely-accepted fact that sexual harassment, no matter minor or severe must to be punished. For it to be come a social norm both men and women need to form an alliance.

To end, I’ld like to encourage all to work persistently to reduce and eliminate this social injustice and gender inequality. With more women taking on powerful positions, we are more able to avoid being bullied and victimized for sexual harassment.

As of today, changes are already happening with more women at workforce than any time in history, and with more female executives than ever before. We are on the right track to not only protect ourselves but to make a social change.

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A woman protesting at Women's March, in NYC
A woman protesting at Women’s March, in NYC

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    1. Great that you agree, I think we are all working in the right direction, just need to be reminded from time to time. Thank you.

          1. Well, you do an awesome job of it! Unlike the majority of print magazines, your blog has articles and features that are actually interesting, insightful, cool, easy to relate to and identify with and just plain great to read. Well done!!

            Aw, thank you! 🙂 That means a lot!

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