Global Warming: How Come?

CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission from burning fossil fuels; factory; smoke chimneys
The burning of fossil fuels causes CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission into the atmosphere

The effects of global warming is undeniable, from increased rain and snowfall across the globe to wildfires and lost habitat for animals.

But why some of us are still skeptical? (e.g. America backing out of the Paris Agreement). Scientists world-wide agree humans are the major cause of climate change since Industrial Revolution.

The human factor in climate change and global warming mainly lies in the expansion of the “greenhouse effect,” i.e. warming that results when atmosphere traps heat radiating from earth toward space.

How exactly? Let me tell you more.

deforestation; trees cut down; logs; truck transporting logs
Deforestation raises CO2 level and destroys the natural habitat for animals

Deforestation and burning fossil fuels

Both of these release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, a gas that traps outgoing heat from the earth into space.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide to sustain life and growth, when they are cut down the reserved CO2 is then released into the atmosphere. Another reason why deforestation is bad for the environment is when it upsets the eco system by destroying the natural habitat of animals who live in the forest.

Coal, oil and natural gas all count as fossil fuels. However the burning of coal and oil for energy, heat and electricity has emitted a higher percentage of CO2 in the air than the burning of natural gas. The pollutant as the result of combustion during the burning is not only bad for environment, it is also does a number on our respiratory system.

Municipal waste in landfill puts a greenhouse gas called Methane into the air ; waste land; human produced garbage; sanitation worker
Municipal waste in landfill puts a greenhouse gas called Methane into the air

Landfill waste

As gross as this photo may look to you, we are all responsible for making this wasteland either one way or another. Decomposing municipal waste in landfill puts another greenhouse gas into the air called Methane. This gas absorbs earth’s heat and warms the atmosphere. Occurring especially often in more desolated areas and farms where manure from livestock product are left to rot, but it is equally harmful and prevalent in cities where people rely on driving cars that power on gasoline.

plastic bottles and fabric dyes; colored fabrics stacked; Nitric acid is a key ingredient in the production of plastic bottles and fabric dyes
Nitric acid is a key ingredient in the production of plastic bottles and fabric dyes

The production of plastics, and fabrics dyes

Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas produced by fossil fuel combustion, and nitric acid production. Manufactory companies that make plastics, fabric dyes produce nitric acid to complete the manufacturing process. The vapor of nitric acid floats through the wind and gets in the air, it irritates eyes, skin and makes you cough. Like the other greenhouse gas mentioned in this article. Nitrous oxide traps earth’s heat radiated from the sun and re-emits on our planet’s surface and lower atmosphere.

Now you know why, let’s try and do something about this. Here is one article that may help to a good start. 

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