Welcome to AnOther-Blog(g). You probably wonder why is there an extra “g” at the end of my tittle. It is because, the name “anotherblog” was not available at the time I was looking for a new domain. But, the more interesting reason is that- this being my second blog, it needs an extra “g” to signify its plurality. (ok, it isn’t very interesting, but at least, I am honest)

Nomenclature aside, this is a website for single-women. I don’t use this space to help you sort out the reasons why “he did not stay,” “he cheated,” and etc., or give you common wisdoms of comfort such as “single is the new fabulous,” “not married, but feeing life is complete,” and etc. The first would just stresses the hell out of you, as you revive the memory of your past-boyfriend into a state of futile analysis. The latter, well, has those words ever helped? We are not all stupid and those kind of self-affirmations would last about 1 hour to 12 hours in our heads. After we hear the same advice in its various guises, they cease to be efficacious, psychologically.

On my website, I curate art, and fashion, are serve as the main exterior forms of being “cool.” Then, I supplement topics on current events in the public-media. ranging from art to politics, economy to the latest books, all filed under “culture.” This is the internal aspect of what it takes to be “cool.” We don’t just refuse convention with words and clichés, because that’s just trite and conventional. We strive to be miss-know-it-all, with a healthy dose of humbleness. Rather than pre-occupying ourselves by inward reflection, solely, let’s get on with it!

p.s. If you sense some contradictions in the above statement, that’s because as I am writing to you now; these are my ideals, I hope you and I can get there together.